August 29, 2016



One of the many hats we wear is that of value-added reseller or VAR. Origin Techserve (OTS) provides comprehensive solutions that draw on hardware and software from multiple manufacturers. Our expertise and resources ensure that our customers get a working system and responsive follow-up support. Our customers can put an entire project on one purchase order and have one number to call for support.

Your Choice: À La Carte or Complete Solution

Rest assured, you can contract our services and training without having to purchase products from us. Of course, our happiest customers are those who do buy a complete solution including hardware, software, installation, training, and support. However, plenty of our customers buy hardware from us to be used with software from another vendor, or purchase software to be used with another vendor’s hardware. Some buy components and do the integration themselves. Others just use our services and/or training. We are happy to work with equipment you already own or do a joint project with another vendor.

Always a Fair Price

Origin Techserve (OTS) is committed to being price-competitive, even against other resellers and mail order companies that lack our resources and technical expertise. Make the decision that you want to work with us and we will make every effort to accommodate you on price. Even on mundane items like tape media and barcode labels, we make the effort to be competitive while offering the additional value of working with a technically knowledgeable organization.

A Broad Range of Products

Origin Techserve (OTS) has partnerships with most of the leading storage and content management manufacturers. Sure, some of those partnerships are stronger than others and, yes, some of our partners are competitive with one another. Our role is as the trusted advisor to our clients and we take that responsibility very seriously. At the end of the day, we believe in using the right tool for the job, even if that means helping our clients source parts of solutions elsewhere.

Dare to Compare

We are willing and able to help you compare products and solutions. Do you want to know how one backup software package compares to another? How about which tape drive will work best in your environment? Should you do SAN, NAS, a hybrid, or neither, and then how does one compare to another? What’s the best way to archive your data? Which SRM product would be best for your environment? Our consultants and solutions architects are readily available to help clients and our account managers technically evaluate choices and match the right solution to a client’s business need.

Manufacturer Direct vs. Buying from Origin Techserve (OTS)

When you buy from a capable VAR like Origin Techserve (OTS), you get two avenues of support: one direct from the manufacturers, and a more comprehensive level from us. The manufacturers in the storage industry recognize the value OTS brings to the process and offer better prices through OTS than they would offer direct to an end user.