August 29, 2016



Real time communication is the key thing to operate successfully in today’s fast changing business scenario. We have a comprehensive range of communication system and solution for all business set-up, be it medical, education, financial institutions, justice, broadcasters, high-value commodities trade or corporate.

We offer systems that allow multi-site video conferencing and call set-ups. Provide setup across any combination of IP, ISDN, DSL or any available new medium.

This provides a key advantage to the user as multiple participants can be viewed in a same screen or in a split screen format.

Special Intelligent Tracking Camera is used in our video conferencing solution. This camera mixes a combination of voice directional detection, face and moving object recognition technologies to enhance the quality of video conference.

High Definition System is used in our video conferencing solution to provide crystal clear images. This solution is ideal for people, who need to share large amount of visual details with extremely high resolution and colour accuracy.