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Technology plays a significant part in the modern workplace, and Origin Techserve has a solution for every workspace, whether it is Board Room, Conference Room, Training Room or improving the customer experience centre. We understand that our customers are looking for flexible solutions that maximizes return on investment and enables everyone to have the same user experience, solutions that integrate beautifully into existing environments and work seamlessly with other collaboration tools already in use. Reach us for more details.

Conference Hall

The conference with the aid of technology can happen in two mode, Audio only mode or Video with Audio mode. A video with audio system is generally known to have video conferencing system and the video conferencing system can be further classified as Hardware / room-based system and Software / Cloud based system. A Room base system, to use the facility everyone must be physically present in the room.

Huddle Room

A huddle room is a small and private meeting area, with a typically seating of 3-6 peoples and equipped with teleconferencing and collaboration technologies. Depending on its size and needs, an organization may have several huddle rooms in addition to a large, conventional conference room.

Due to Small in Size, the number of Audio Visual equipment is less compared to Board Room or Conference Room. It has in-built speakers of displays and 1 cable management with HDMI / VGA / RJ45 / POWER for local or Video collaboration, Software based Video Conferencing System may be used.

We can provide suitable video conferencing device along with display and audio system based on the client needs and the room size. The solution may contain multiple devices, or it will be provided as an single All-in-one display solution.


Auditorium is a hall built to enable an audience to hear and watch flawless performances. Origin Techserve has team of Design Experts has considered the below requirements will design so that you will have the Modern & State-of-art auditorium exceeding your expectations. Design a functioning Auditorium according to the type of performance and the number of the audience and keeping the standard distance for a comfortable audience seating without creating sweet spots.


In a Board room, many people will meet for discussion to take place about their organization. The use of AV technology in Board room is to improve the Video/Audio Collaboration and to have a hassle-free operation. To Achieve this, The Audio-Visual system should be designed highly reliable and user friendly.

Often expensive video-conferencing systems are under-utilized because they are difficult to use. Not any more with the solution provide by us with super intuitive cloud-based board collaboration systems. These super-intuitive boards will transform your meeting experience. These smart Board automatically wakes up when you enter the room. It detects your app-supported device and suggests an activity, such as call, whiteboard, or wirelessly share your presentation.

AI Enabled Classroom

As the teaching curriculum increasing day by day, And the so called modern days smart classroom with interactive board is not enough for aiding the instructor for teaching, hence we at Origin Techserve provide solution which are much more than interactive board, We make the teacher and student more interactive by deploying AI.

Artificial intelligence offers personalized learning for each individual student based on their ability, preferred mode of learning and interest.

The augmented intelligent assistant prepares the curriculum, catering to the specific needs of each student. Machine learning gathers information from predictive analysis and helps students maximize their potential in their areas of interest while patching up their weakness, making them an allrounder.

Training Room

Although the classroom setup is sufficed for training of children, but to provide a hands on training and collaboration for professionals, we provide an training room setup which is suitable for professional learning environment. Since most of the training is based on software platform we have provided a design solution were each learner will be provide with an interactive display, all the displays are connected together using network with a collaboration server to provide collaboration between each participants, it will also enable them to screen mirror there display and present from their location itself. With this kindly of setup, we can have up to 254 persons attending the training session at the same time and collaborate.

The Instructor can be able to have BYOD, Bring Your Own Device and present it to the participates wirelessly, screen mirror the device, annotate on the main interactive display, let the student annotate on the presentation, share the files with the participants, chat with the participants. Control/allow the participant to present their own work.

Unified Communication

The Unified Collaboration can be defined as a Communication system integrated with collaboration tools to Optimize the business process and increase the user productivity.

Trends in today’s Technology has progressed to a collaborative and Unified communication system from the existing Video Conferencing system. Earlier the Video Conferencing system had many restrictions such as the location, where we need to go the VC/Meeting Room to attend the VC Call and Time bound meeting connected the Office Business hours. With the Advent of Unified communication, the restrictions associated with location and Time are diminished.

We at Origin Techserve with many year of experience in the field of Audiovisual Communication, Meeting space collaboration tools and integration software’s can provide purpose-specific integration into customized applications in specific operating departments or in vertical markets such as Education, Healthcare, Government, Defense, Corporates, etc. We integrate multiple components such as Videoconferencing devices, Speaker-Tracking Cameras, Touch interactive display, BYOD meeting collaboration devices, AI enabled interactive systems, Cloud based collaboration solutions to provide a customer centric solution to help them to express and achieve their intended goal of the meeting without any location or time restriction.

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