Even if you only have a small number of terminals, today’s popular small-scale IP PBX is filled with features. And a hybrid PBX lets you smoothly transition from your current legacy system to an IP environment while continuing to use existing resources, to prevent wasting them. Mobile linking and video communication help to expand your business in the style you want by meeting a host of small-business needs.

In addition to using IP phones that cut communication costs, hybrid systems let you use your existing legacy phones as well. Naturally, this cuts down significantly on initial costs.

Enterprise Customers

The IP-PBX maximizes IP communication functions. It offers a wide range of communication methods to propose a variety of business solutions. Also, in addition to high quality, the IP-PBX provides optimal maintenance and stability to large-scale offices and enterprises with numerous branch offices.A PBX that handles up to 2,000 users provides comfortable IP communication for enterprises that cover a number of business buildings. In addition, a master PBX enables comprehensive control of the entire system, greatly reducing the work of managing the settings compared with conventional systems. If a problem should occur in the system, redundant operation keeps it running with zero downtime. System maintenance can also be handled remotely for reliable, secure operation.

Unified Communications

Seamless communication among employees even at different locations is today's must have element for business productivity and success. We can offer you a complete range of UC solutions with applications.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Softphone is a simple application that brings audio and visual communication together in your mobile device. It lets you use your smartphone just the way you want, while maximizing mobility and minimizing costs.

Mobile Softphone is a phone application that brings audio and visual communication together in your mobile device. It lets you use your smartphone as a company phone wherever you are, while maximizing mobility and minimizing costs.

Call Centre Solutions

Customers always need an immediate response. The main communication media between customers with businesses is still the phone call. By visualizing your employees' phone call data, you can manage each employee's productivity. We can offer a full range of both In-bound and Out-bound contact centre features from simple built-in solutions to enterprise solutions.

Virtual office (Remote Office) Solutions

For those who work remotely, such as people who work in home offices, communication tasks and costs must be minimized. The IP PBX makes it possible to remotely control servers in the main office. This allows staff in distant locations to communicate over telephone extensions.

Supports Audio/ Video Calls

Smartphone works as a company phone extension

  • Push Notification
  • Security Features
  • Simple installation

Multisite Networking
By connecting different location offices with a multi-site networking system, you can reduce the communication cost and also enable seamless communication among the offices. No matter how far your branch offices are, you can communicate under one communication platform network as company extensions.

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