Digital Duplicator

Digital Duplicators represent digital printing machines for office use that have been developed based on stencil (mimeograph) printing technology. They enable high-volume printing at high speed and low cost. Printing 100 copies per master with up to 190 ppm* high-speed printing.

Now the Digital Duplicators has been introduced in educational institutions, government offices, companies and print shops in more than 190 countries and regions throughout the world. There are various methods of printing: relief (letterpress), intaglio (gravure), lithographic printing (offset lithography), and stencil printing that includes silkscreen and mimeograph printing. In stencil printing, images are reproduced with ink that is pushed through the microscopic holes on the master. Digital Duplicators employ the process of stencil printing.

The Digital Duplicator provides high-speed printing using a master with tiny holes that is positioned around the built-in print drum. Rotating the drum at high speed, it can achieve high printing speed.

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