CCTV Surveillance

We can offer wide range of Security Cameras for Enterprise, defence, Government, Education and Industrial application.

IP based camera system has improved the success of video security by leaps and bounds over the analog CCTV system. IP based system is allows to flexible, Cost effective installation, remote view monitoring, improved storage. CCTV cameras are categorized based on application such as Indoor/Outdoor cameras and Special type. Explosion Proof, Thermal and Corrosion proof cameras are some of the special type of cameras.

Indoor/Outdoor Cameras

Indoor/Outdoor Cameras can get with full HD resolution to 4K and it will provide superior image Quality. Also it has ability to cover a far wider viewing area or to get far more detailed pictures in narrow, zoom-in viewing areas. It can detect motion, count people, track certain colors, sense when something disappears, and set off alarms. Ip based CCTV Cameras make data difficult to intercept, Video is encrypted and authenticated so transmission is secure. It can be powered over the twisted-pair Ethernet cable, thus eliminating worries over running electrical wire.

IP Based CCTV Cameras are Stream Images and different part for images to different recipients Simultaneously. It require less cable and it accepts Power, video, audio, PTZ Control, Control signals over single cable.

Explosion Proof Camera

An explosion-proof camera includes a special type of enclosure. The camera and enclosure can be used in a hazardous potentially explosive environment. This means that the camera system will not cause an explosion, rather than survive an explosion outside the enclosure. The camera and enclosure used in these environments are designed to prevent ignition of the surrounding gases or dust. They will either contain any explosion within the device or prevent sparks exiting the device and triggering an explosion.

Corrosion Proof Camera

Corrosion Proof Camera enclosure Constructed of Sealed corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing with full, strong corrosion resistance, is a suitable monitoring and control products for industrial environments. These Properties make it perfect for many application such as Marine, Mining, Oil and gas environments, medical and Food Industries.


Thermal Camera

Thermal imaging cameras are devices that translate thermal energy (heat) into visible light in order to analyse a particular object or scene. Thermal imaging cameras are sophisticated devices that process the captured image and display it on a screen. These images can be used for immediate diagnosis or processed through specialized software for further evaluation, accuracy and report output. Thermal imaging cameras take measuring temperature to the next level; instead of getting a number for the temperature you get a picture showing the temperature differences of a surface.

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