Hybrid Technology in Projector

  • Single Chip DLP LED and Hybrid LED/Laser Projectors are now becoming cheaper and quite common. The picture quality is good and the brightness good enough in darker rooms. Hybrid Projectors overcome the brightness issue that always overwhelmed the LED only projectors.
  • Hybrid projector where they use a Laser to produce a bright Green light and this allowed the Red and Blue LEDs to be fired up to their maximum brightness. End result, a bright Hybrid Projector using solid state lighting with all the advantages of reliability, long lasting bulbs or light source, etc.


We can offer the complete range of advance Projector from your smaller Meeting rooms to big Auditoriums areas with Lamp or Laser based technology that helps Corporate, Education, Government, and Retail clients delivers brilliant image quality, Brightness and ease of use. Projectors can be used for Control / Data Room projectors, Installation projectors, Postproduction projectors, Simulation projectors, Virtual Reality projectors & Projection Mapping, Projection Technology. Projector wildly using various technology Like DLP- Digital Light Processing (1-Chip / 3-Chip), LCD – Liquid Crystal Panel, LED – Light Emitting Diodes, Laser Technology & Hybrid ( Laser- LED Projection)

SIMULATIONS / 3D Projection

Simulation applications projectors meet the user´s expectations of a modern realistic impression of a virtual reality. Simulation projectors are appreciated by pilots trained in flight simulators, but also by virtual reality and show event audiences. Simulation Projection system are most commonly used as a design, collaboration and engineering tool for interacting with stereoscopic 3D models, or as a presentation tool for many different applications. The brightness, high resolution and color depth of the display make it the solution of choice in the Automotive, Oil & Gas, and other industries. You can also visualize multiple sources simultaneously, in any combination of mono and 3D.



We understand education, and we use this knowledge to design technology that makes learning continuous and efficient. Our solutions keep information moving. They connect collaborative groups, capture attention and empower both teachers and students. today’s technology needs to work seamlessly and continuously, from screen sharing and flexible learning to collaboration.


We offer sophisticated and dependable technology for your workspace because we realise how both time and budget are of primary concerns in this highly stressful business scenario. Whether it’s meeting last minute deadlines, delivering accurate results, organising a chaotic workspace, encouraging an office environment which thrives on competence or impressing clients. we efficiently handle all your business requirements in a cost-effective, reliable and user-friendly way while you channel your focus on strengthening the core of your company.

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